Gun maintenance

Gun maintenance

Gun maintenance is a vital part of being a responsible shooter.

  1. Never neglect gun maintenance. A little effort will keep your guns safe, reliable and rust-free
  2. Do not put a gun in a gun slip into a gun safe. You want air movement
  3. Do not put a heater or a lightbulb in your gun safe. Your stock will over-dry, warm and crack
  4. Avoid multi-use cleaning rods and ropes. These soon get filthy and full of corrosive acids
  5. Even chrome barrels need a good clean – harmful deposits can still build up on barrel walls
  6. Black powder cartridges are getting popular, but always spend extra time cleaning if you use these. Black powder leaves highly corrosive deposits that are hard to shift
  7. Always store guns barrel down, any excess oil will drain away from the walnut stock
  8. Be careful not to handle blued metal work with bloody hands, especially duck blood – unless you want to strip the blue off your barrels
  9. Regularly remove and clean chokes, lightly grease or oil thread before refitting and tightening. The same holds for rifle moderators
  10. Make all the above a regular part of your gun care routine

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